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Sunbed Essentials
          sunbed_goggles_imageSolartan Goggles £3.99

Solartan Elasticated Goggles £3.99


Sunbed & Tanning Shop Suppliers in Scotland Sunbeds in Scotland

Welcome to the web site of Scotland Sunbeds, your first stop for bulk orders of Sunbed related products in Scotland. We supply bulk boxes of Sunbed Goggles, Tan Accelerator Cream, Sunbed Warning Stickers and other Sunbed related products


VT 20 - 20tube / Latest 0.3 compliant tubes!


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£ 2190.00  
Colour & Tube Options

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The VT20 is a sophisticated 20 tube domestic Vertical Tanning Unit designed specifically for home use. The design incorporates an all metal rigid construction with a hygienic white enamel finish. A host of unique features are included as standard to make the VT20 the ultimate domestic Vertical Sunbed bringing Salon Tanning Power into your home!. The integral body breeze unit and fully hinged door ensure total surround full body tanning with no white bits! The close proximity tanning area can be adjusted to suit the customer requirements.

The VT20 is fitted as standard with 20 x 6ft Super Tanning (0.3 compliant) tubes.
Appropriate safety timers to conform to current legislation
Full length customer controlled body breeze unit
All round guard protection system
Quick installation - Assembles in less than 2 minutes
All relevant safety warnings fitted



 VX 240 - 24 tube / Latest 0.3 compliant tubes!


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£ 2350.00  
Colour & Tube Options

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The VX 240 is our ulta modern Top of the range domestic Vertical Tanning Unit. Designed to maximize full body coverage and the 24 x 0.3 compliant Salon Strength tubes produce outstanding tanning results. The new ergonomic shape promotes customer comfort and exceptional performance. The rigid all metal construction incorporates a host of unique features for optimal reliability. These VTU’s are manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality components and wherever possible comply with the latest British and European standards.

24 x 240 - 0.3 compliant (latest spec) Tanning Tubes
Ergonomic shape
Customer comfort
Close proximity tanning
Full length customer controlled Body Breeze Unit
Total body coverage with full surround tanning
Metallic Silver paint and other options available



Solar Gold (Tan Accelerator)
250ml Bottle £ 12.99
Tanning Blanket
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Sunbed TRADE Supplies & Bulk Order Options (with discount)


A1 Laminated Salon

Collagen Light Therapy Poster



A2 Laminated Salon

Collagen Light Therapy Poster


A3 Laminated Salon

Collagen Light Therapy Poster

  10 x Under 18 Warming Sticker   10 x 0.3 Compliant Sticker
A1_size_collagen_light_therapy_poster_image   A2_Collagen_light_poster_image   A3_Size_Collagen_poster_image   Sunbed_No_Under_18_warming_sticker_image   0.3_compliant_sunbed_sticker
£ 19.95   £ 12.99   £ 9.99   £ 20.00   £ 20.00
Tanning Salon Supplies and Bulk TRADE Sunbed products
Collagen Poster A2 Size   Salon Box of 12 SOLAR GOLD   10 x Sunbed Starters   25 x Starters   100 Starters
collagen_light_therapy_poster   bulk_box_of_solar_gold   10_sunbed_starters_image   25_bodytone_sunbed_starters_image   100xsunbed starters image
£ 12.99   £ 99.00   £ 17.50   £ 42.50   £ 150.00
No Under 18's Sticker   0.3 Compliant Sticker   Solar Gold (Twin Pack)   100 x Pairs Sunbed Goggles   Tanning Blanket
no_under_18's_to_use_this_sunbed_warning_sticker   This_sunbed_is_0.3_compliant_sticker   Solar_gold_twinpack   Box_of_100_pairs_sunbed_goggles   tanning_blanket_image
£ 2.99   £ 2.99   £ 22.99   £ 75.00  

£ 12.99

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