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Collagen Light Therapy in Scotland -Scotland Collagen Light Therapy| Scotland

Sunbed Essentials
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Collagen Light Therapy Units for Home Use from Scotland Sunbeds in Scotland

Welcome to the web site of Scotland Sunbeds, we are number one for supply of New full body Collagen Light Therapy Units for Home Use in Scotland and the Highlands of Scotland. We offer FREE delivery to Scotland and the surrounding areas with FREE installation by our experienced delivery drivers in the room of your choice! Who else offers this kind of service in Scotland? Choose from our superb range of Canopy units, double units or Vertical Therapy Units. All for Home Use. Order your new anti-aging treatment Collagen Light Therapy Unit today! Delivery is usually within 3-5 working days! DELIVERY IS FREE! - No hidden extra's or doorstep deliveries, we deliver FREE, we install the Sunbed for you too! FREE Sunbed goggles included with every sale.

HOME USE Collagen Light Therapy Units

CT 9 - 9tube / 160watt Collagen Therapy Canopy


Shown over a beauty table (NOT INCLUDED)

£ 1175.00  
Stand Height Options

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9 Tube Collagen Light Therapy Canopy

A stylish high strength 160watt 9 tube curved foldaway unit fitted with high power Red Light Collagen Light Therapy Tubes and a 4 tube facial booster. The tubes are protected with a full acrylic safety screen.

A superb full body Collagen Light Therapy Unit suitable for either home use or as a good start up unit for a beautician looking to get started in the profitable business of Collagen Therapy treatment. These units are manufactured using only the highest quality components

Length 1900 mm
Width 685mm
Weight 28.0 kilos

****** FREE DELIVERY to Scotland!**

 CT 18 Double Collagen Light Therapy Unit




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18 Tube Collagen Light Therapy Double Unit

A stylish 18 tube curved Double Unit which runs off a standard 13 amp plug. Fitted with high power 160/100watt red light tubes and a 4 tube facial boost. Both the top and bottom are fan cooled for greater comfort and efficiency

160watt tubes in the canopy

100watt tubes in the base

****** FREE DELIVERY to Scotland!**


Solar Gold (Tan Accelerator)
250ml Bottle £ 12.99
Tanning Blanket




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20 Tube Collagen Light Therapy Vertical Unit

A superb 20 tube Vertical Collagen Light Therapy Unit which runs off 2 x standard 13 amp plugs. Fitted with 20 high power 160 watt Collagen Red Light Therapy Tubes this is the ultimate home therapy unit!

NEW for 2014!!! Pictures available shortly


****** FREE DELIVERY to Scotland!**

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Sunbed Accesories
Tanning Blanket & Cream   Blanket+ Cream + Goggles   Sunbed Starter   Under 18 Warming Sticker   0.3 Compliant Sticker
Tanning_blanket_and_cream_image   tanning blanket +cream+sunbed goggles image   Sunbed_starter_image   Sunbed_No_Under_18_warming_sticker_image   0.3_compliant_sunbed_sticker
£ 23.99   £ 25.99   £ 1.99   £ 2.99   £ 2.99
Tanning Salon Supplies and Bulk TRADE Sunbed products
Collagen Poster A2 Size   Salon Box of 12 SOLAR GOLD   10 x Sunbed Starters   25 x Starters   100 Starters
collagen_light_therapy_poster   bulk_box_of_solar_gold   10_sunbed_starters_image   25_bodytone_sunbed_starters_image   100xsunbed starters image
£ 12.99   £ 99.00   £ 17.50   £ 42.50   £ 150.00
No Under 18's Sticker   0.3 Compliant Sticker   Solar Gold (Twin Pack)   100 x Pairs Sunbed Goggles   Tanning Blanket
no_under_18's_to_use_this_sunbed_warning_sticker   This_sunbed_is_0.3_compliant_sticker   Solar_gold_twinpack   Box_of_100_pairs_sunbed_goggles   tanning_blanket_image
£ 2.99   £ 2.99   £ 22.99   £ 75.00  

£ 12.99


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